Whether it’s Low Volume High-Mixed Or High Volume Cable Assembly, TechWare is committed to provide our clients with a One-Stop wire Harnessing solution for any customized cable of your requirements.

In today’s rapidly changing equipment and electronics industry,  there are a myriad of challenges that OEMs face. Technological breakthroughs are announced every other day, making it difficult to predict what will shape tomorrow’s products. Before your upcoming project, it’s important for you to understand what options you have for wire, cable, and wire management products. This is where TechWare can help.

Wiring Harnesses are used in a wide array of electrical devices and equipment applications. A wire harness makes any electrical product function by sending electric signals and electrical power through the wires and cables. We have been supplying wiring harness for over 20 years to the Semiconductor and Electrical Equipment industries.

We can help with Engineering design recommendations aimed at Quality, Cost and Delivery efficiencies for your Wire Harnesses. Our capabilities of component cross referencing, alternative sourcing options and Smart wire harness assembly boards will allow us to offer you the shortest lead times and most competitive costs.

Simple wiring kits, multi-conductor I/O Cables, wire harness Assembly products, complex harness assemblies and coaxial/RF cable assemblies are some of the products that we have an extensive experience with. Let us help you today!